Rocky/ Creed

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Rocky/ Creed

Post  Polidano on Thu Nov 29, 2018 3:04 pm

Are ROCKY and CREED formulaic?  Discuss the similarities between each...especially in terms of story beats.

“Beat,” generally refers to:

1. Story Beat (Plotting)
2. Emotional Beat (Character Arc)
3. Reversal (Emotional Beat Within a Scene)


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Re: Rocky/ Creed

Post  Justinmarcus on Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:31 pm

Both Rocky and Creed have very similar story beats but different events that lead up to them. While Rocky was generally a nobody, boxing in extremely small venues and living in a tiny apartment, Adonis was first passed around from institute and correctional centres until Apollo’s wife took him in. Adonis then lived what seemed like a great life in a large home. Their boxing careers however are very similar. They started in small venues but then was recognized by the champ. They are first getting beaten by the champ in their match until they get almost a second wind and comeback to an almost victory. Their emotional beats are also very similar, more specifically with the trainer/mentor character. Rocky develops a father/son relationship with Mickey just as Adonis did with Rocky. The love interest storyline is different in what it takes for Rocky and Adonis to get Adrian and Bianca. It took Rocky about Half to 3/4 of the movie to finally be with Adrian while it was almost like Adonis’s third time seeing Bianca when they start their relationship.

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